A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome

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This piece is part of award winning Dublin artist Francis Leavey’s 'Inspired by Ireland' series. 

The Irish pub is truly at the heart of Irish culture. The beer may flow but it’s the tide of stories, songs and slagging that makes an Irish pub such a unique place. It’s not hard to understand why there are Irish bars in every corner of the world.

This image is of the iconic Temple Bar pub in the heart of Dublin City.

It’s hard to find yourself alone when you’re in an Irish pub, whether you want to be or not!


16 x 12 inches 


Mounted and framed in a modern lime washed, solid frame. Ready for hanging. Our frames are made in Ireland. 

Additional Information

Limited Edition. Prints are named, numbered and signed by the artist. The piece name and inspiration is included on the back. Francis is a member of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland. 


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