Chakra cascade - 30mm Moon Suncatcher

Chakra cascade - 30mm Moon Suncatcher

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Suncatcher made with a 30mm Swarovski ® Moon crystal

Chakra Cascade - 30mm Swarovski® Moon Suncatcher topped with a cascade of rainbow coloured Octagon shaped crystals. This is then suspended from a strand with two sections of  clear Swarovski crystals. There is also a Crystal AB coloured Butterfly on the strand.

This window ornament is a real Rainbow maker. Hang it in a sunny window and you will be delighted with the results - Rainbows everywhere in the room!

This sun catcher was created using a 30mm logo-etched Swarovski crystal ball.  This is then topped with a stack of chakra coloured Swarovski crystal octagons. This is all suspended from a 12 cm (4 ¾ inch) strand of clear Swarovski crystal beads.

The entire length, including the 65mm (approx 2½ inch) loop hanger, is approximately 26.5cm (approx 10½ inches). Please note that as we handcraft all our sun catchers, there may be a very slight variation in length.

This "Chakra Cascade" comes packed in a box ready for Gift giving.

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Chakra cascade - Moon suncatcher - Handcrafted in Ireland.

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