The Cows Came Home

The Cows Came Home

Great Northern Larder
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Bring on the beef with this giftpack of 6 of our favourite rubs for steaks, Jacob's ladder, brisket, and more.

Dry Rubs in Bundle


The classic peppery heat that works really well on a good old fashioned cowboy steak, tomahawk, or a nice flank steak.

Beef Rib

Serious amounts of herbiness and black pepper that mingle with the beef juices for a divine taste experience.


An earthy and full flavoured rub that is great in stews, casseroles, and on all BBQ meats.

Sea Salt

Makes everything better, and as most of our rubs are low in salt or salt free you can add your own to taste.


Roast veg like you have never tasted before. Try sprinkling on fries as well - seriously good.


The classic BBQ meat and this is a class rub to go with it. Forms an amazing crust and the combination of herbs and spices mixes with the juices for an amazing experience.

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