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Naked Raku Ceramic Vessel

Naked Raku Ceramic Vessel

Kildoag Pottery
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Naked Raku Tall Neck vessel. Size : H22cm W17cm.

Raku is a rapid firing technique, adapted from an ancient Japanese firing. A small group of approx 4 pieces are placed in a raku gas fired kiln and fired up to around 850°c, each piece is then individually lifted out of the kiln molten hot and placed in a bin of paper & wood shavings which instantly combust. The actual finish is then down to careful timing, longer in the air will give bigger heavier crazing, covering the vessel quickly produces smaller crazing. The smoke in the reduction bin penetrates the crazing giving each pot its unique surface  

Please note Raku fired pottery is not waterproof so suitable for decorative purposes or dried flowers only.

there are six vessels of a similar shape available but each one will be different having its own unique crackle pattern

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