Dublin Coat of Arms Cufflinks
Dublin Coat of Arms Cufflinks

Dublin Coat of Arms Cufflinks

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Dublin City Coat of Arms Crest/Shield

Dublin's Coat of Arms is the identifying emblem of the City of Dublin and has been in use in one form or another for at least 400 years. Being from Dublin, I've always been drawn to the history and the design. The full coat-of-arms shows three burning castles on a shield, flanked by two female figures.

The true origin of the Coat of Arms is unknown, but there are numerous theories. Some of which include:

  • The castles are watch towers outside the city walls
  • The castle is Dublin Castle and is repeated 3 times because of the mystical significance of the number 3
  • The castles are not castles at all, but represent 3 gates into the ancient Viking city

The Dublin Crest cufflinks are meticulously handcrafted in sterling silver with love for Irish roots, history and folklore.

This recessed parts of the design are heavily textured to create a nice contrast with the high polish finish of the burning castles and the shield.

Each shield measures approx 20mm in height and 16mm in width.

The cufflinks are hallmarked – 925 sterling silver - in the Assay Office at Dublin Castle.

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