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Wild Garden Luxury Body Oil - Airmid
Wild Garden Luxury Body Oil - Airmid

Wild Garden Luxury Body Oil - Airmid

Airmid Natural Handmade Skincare
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Awaken in an enchanted garden
immersed in morning mist
with fresh citrus notes
and neroli blossoms

Airmid Wild Garden luxury body oil is a unique blend of plant oils including organic jojoba and avocado. Nourishing care for the whole body keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. This hand poured, antioxidant and vitamin rich body oil absorbs into the skin while preventing moisture from evaporating. Scented only with pure essential oil.

Natural body oils are an effective way to seal in moisture while skin is damp, which keeps your water loss to a minimum. The best part is you apply right out of the shower or add a tablespoon to your bath. Retaining water in our body keeps skin looking young, supple and wrinkle-free. 

Suitable for all skin types - sensitive 

100ml - Glass Bottle & Pipette

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