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Foraging with Kids

Foraging with Kids

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Foraging with Kids is a fun, informative and practical introduction for children and their parents or guardians to learn about foraging together. It is written by one of the UK’s bestselling foraging authors, and the idea for the book was the result of Adele taking out hundreds of families over the last few years and seeing how keen kids are to show grown-ups how much they know.

Although foraging is big news right now, it’s nothing new. As a species, humans have foraged for at least 1.8 million years. Even if you don’t think you’re a forager, you are! Nearly everyone, at some time, has picked a berry or a leaf from a plant growing in the wild and eaten it or used it for medicinal purposes. That’s foraging. These plants can include leaves, flowers, fruit and berries, seeds, nuts, shoots and roots. 

In a world of increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a growing detachment from the food that we eat, it has never been more important to encourage children to put down their screens, get outside and engage with nature. Foraging with Kids encourages families to interact with their environment and gain knowledge and practical understanding of the natural world through exploration and play. The projects are based around 50+ easy-to-identify plants that are abundant in parks, forests and hedgerows worldwide, and shows that it’s as easy to find plants in the city as in the countryside.     


This is the ideal companion for anyone wanting to unlock nature’s larder and teach their children about the glorious abundance of the world around them.      

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