Free as a Bird

Free as a Bird

Great Northern Larder
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Flip the bird to bland food with this giftpack of 6 of our favourite rubs for poultry.

Dry Rubs in Bundle


No surprises, but it is great on turkey and in turkey burgers.

Roast Chicken

A classic Sunday Lunch favourite. Also amazing in stuffing and pasta dishes.

Sea Salt

Makes everything better, and as most of our rubs are low in salt or salt free you can add your own to taste.

Hot Wings

A really nice and fiery rub for classic buffalo wings.


Goes on and with everything. Try it in any chicken based pasta dish or on game poultry.


A really good barbeque rub that surprisingly does not taste of coffee - more just a general lovely deep flavour. Brilliant with game birds or on other meat like lamb and beef. Worth trying on chicken as well if you like a bit more flavour on your bird.

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